Monday, February 11, 2008

Lawyer Up

I've heard the same as you. If I or a loved one was in a world of trouble, I would want would the best possible legal representation. One of the reasons my daily "to do's" includes stay the F%$k out of trouble.

I also know every lawyer- from the cub who just passed the bar to the uber-cuddly Alan Dershowitz-believes that due process and every person's right to a fair trial supersedes anything. ANYTHING. Anything like, you know, every fiber in their lawyerly being KNOWS the guy sitting across the table from them is the same guy who molested and carved his wife and children into roughly 4,486 pieces.

Better a bazillion guilty people walk than a single innocent getting locked up, right?

Completely Destroying America's Hopelessly Outdated Legal System and Re-Building It For Dummies...When is that hitting the bookshelves?

The United States Constitution and some of the documents that followed were and are extraordinary. They're not perfect or resistant to addendum. That's already been exhibited.

I understand the fear our founding fathers had in the total and absolute power of The State. The litany of historical horror stories that preceded the establishment of our Union is long and grotesque.

But when does a collective consciousness step in and say "..O'kay, enough. No more serial rapists are walking on technicalities." There is some breathing space between absolute power of the State and crippling everyone who's job it is to catch both the egregious rule breakers as well as the vermin who literally torture others while laughing at the system with their pin-striped posse' in tow.

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