Thursday, February 7, 2008

Doctors don’t do demos.

Physicians, good attorneys and the vast majority of specialized professionals don’t directly solicit business. Their background, experience and possibly even their pedigree puts them in a position as experts or at least gives others that impression.

People call them. No dragged out Dog-n-Ponies. No rain delays.
Unless you’re one of the small handful of companies on the face of the earth, strangers are not calling to call you and simply give your their business.

It doesn't matter how many great reference accounts you have.

-I don’t know you.
-You don’t know my business
-I don’t know if you can solve my unique business problem

-If you can solve my root-canal of a problem, I'm sure one of you many competitors can as well….at a better price.

Options. The buyer always has options unless they're roped into a situation. The Microsoft Corporation sells ropes, by the way.

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