Thursday, October 15, 2015

5 %

If you are time-tested and proven in your line of work- and many influential people are aware of who you are- job security or the ease in which you can change employers almost certainly isn’t a concern.

So we’re talking about, what, 5% of the workforce? You think you’re in that group? You very well might be.  I have a lot of admiration for the people in that lot.

I do, at times, wonder about that 5%. Mostly I wonder why these elite performers work for other people. You 5% ‘ers  are a very special group, the BEST employees.  And my “why” inquiry- at a macro level- would be a study with endless layers that is best left to academics and meaningless to this short blog entry.

But please allow me some room.

The vast majority of business empire builders were never part of this 5%. Some were very good employees, but most were not. They just didn’t believe they should serve anything or anybody but their own ideas and resolute belief in THEMSELVES. And our world certainly benefited from their brilliance. The high profile types in this mix- Richard Branson, Steve Jobs etc..aren’t useful for this example. 

I’m talking about the untold thousands of brilliant people who perform at the highest of levels but never contemplate the idea of building something they can call their own. And gaining the monetary windfall from it.

Most high-performance employees aren’t looking to change the world. They have their own worlds- family, friends, value systems, hobbies. They are more than fine with trading their output for what is hopefully a equitable payment from an employer. And the world ALSO benefits tremendously from their effort and endeavors.


If you’re EXCELLENT at what you do, are you confident and comfortable that you are getting what the market bears for someone like yourself? 

A question, even if in silence, that needs asking.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Screen the screener

The headline read something like: What 10 things candidates do that drives Recruiters crazy. 

For openers, I ignore all articles like this and I suggest you do the same.

Aside this is how Internet marketing people hope to get people to click on Web content of any variety, regardless of subject (EVERYTHING is now a TOP TEN-LIKE HEADLINE positioned somewhere on your screen) pay no attention to articles about what recruiters don't like...or like. And pay no attention to the man behind the curtain because it was a GREAT line from The Wizard of Oz and I felt like including it- so there.

The next time a Recruiter puts you up on the Witness Stand and starts grilling you with questions, tell them you can't do this phone interview unless you know something about them.

If they won't oblige, politely tell them you are about to end the call. 9 times out of 10, this person is not in any position to do anything except pass your resume along to someone only slightly less empowered to assist you.

Ask the recruiter the purpose of this phone interview/screen
Ask the recruiter ALL the steps they must pass to get an interview with someone who understands the type of work you do and has the authority to hire you.
Ask the recruiter if THEY THEMSELVES are employed by this company.
Ask the recruiter their unique qualifications that qualifies THEM to qualify you.

Truth is, doing this won't advance your cause....that's the bad news. Good news is you waste no time being interrogated by someone not qualified to qualify you.  

But taking this approach allows you to learn who you are talking to. By this I mean can they do anything but DISQUALIFY you?

They're are MILLIONS of people in the U.S. employed in the DISQUALIFYING business. They usually have ridiculous titles like "Sr Talent Acquisition Specialist" . Beyond ridiculous.

Their EMPLOYMENT HISTORIES??...don't get me started- but they are there to screen you.

If you have a long track record with notable employers in your industry, this post is not about you, If you are the other 90%, take charge of your career and don't subject yourself to these "screening calls".