Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Need, Want and Money

Lawyers, guns and money.

RIP, Warren Zevon..you were always so ahead of your time.

That tune got and gets alot of airplay and it so succinctly defined how his problem could be solved. He needed three things and he needed them right away; three things that will "..get me out of this this, HEY!!.."

My title should have read Need, Money and Working With the Person Who Can Pull the Trigger but that hardly flows with how I wanted to blend Zevon in here so we're all going to have to just sit with that.

(people will debate whether it's easier to do business with someone who wants something as much if not more than they need it. That one is a jump ball).

You know the roughly the 2,878 book titles currently available on Amazon that tell you how to sell stuff? With the exception of about 10 of them, they're about attempts to teach you techniques in control (the benign) or full-blown manipulation (the malignant).

Gain a degree of expertise in an area(s). There's your personal value, there's the reason someone takes that meeting with you. Tact and diplomacy. Unfortunately, that one really can't be taught. Do your very best to understand your audience. Make sure you have access to the person with the authority, the need and the money to buy from you. Do your darndest to uncover the person lurking around the corner who can throw a monkey wrench into the deal in the 9th inning. (oh, there is almost always one person who fits that description). If you can say with COMPLETE certainty you've done all of the above and your offering unequivocally meets their need, you're in pretty good shape. They're no closing, here. I am consumer, too. I close myself all the time.

That's it. Good night.