Monday, April 11, 2011

Funky Cold

Funks- business or otherwise-are inevitable. You're human and the world is a sea of uncertainty..that reality is not in dispute. And as certain as this blue pebble spinning around the Sun, the harder you try to get out of it, the worse it gets.

"When you find yourself going through hell...keep going" was once uttered by a great man who's problems were a helluva lot more intense that virtually anyone alive. Stop trying to change everything and carry on.

Consistent with most of these ebbs is the feeling that you are not enough. That sentiment will be echoed by every touch you have with any form of media. You can be more or you're not enough is a half a trillion dollar industry.


The world as it is vs. the world as it should be. You tear yourself up over this one. The moment you can get over this silent intellectualized battle is the moment you'll notice the ball starting to bounce your way-and when it doesn't- you'll attach no real ong-term importantce to bouncing balls anyway.

You got dealt a helluva good hand.