Thursday, February 26, 2015

Whining and Dining

I've been far too busy complaining about the weather to do much of anything lately- that includes writing blog posts.

Oh, sure, the New England winter has been affected by the Earth somehow being blown off its axis, pushed 30 million miles further away from The Sun but whining about it does nothing but make you and others more miserable.

I'm pretty sure the world of business keeps chugging along, despite it all.

For my estimated 3 regular readers, I plan on writing much more in 2015. More about business and the business of hiring. I think it likely I'll win the multi-state lottery at some point this year so-fair warning-my posts will then veer solely towards attempting to amuse myself.

Now its time to get back to telling people I barely know that the 7 feet of snow in 4 weeks plus daytime temperatures previously only observed during Mars evenings will surely mean the end of me.