Monday, September 8, 2008

The Bone asks you to get creative.

You know that product you pitch? There's no less than two dozen companies whose product/service, for the most part is as good as yours or better.

As uttered in the opening credits of the multi-Emmy winning TV show Cops, What cha gonna do?

("sir...can you please put your shirt on??...ummm, ah..and you, too, sir..I'm sorry!!..I meant 'Miss.").

I'm going to walk you off the ledge but, before I do that Vinnie Vertigo, tell your Marketing/PR hacks to shear off some of their asinine adjectives they use to describe how life-altering and spiritually uplifting your particular brand of widget is. Nobody reads that garbage. They line their birdcages with it and train their puppies on it.

If the person you're trying to see doesn't know you or your company, you've got one shot and it doesn't have anything to do with what company you work for or what kind of stuff they're making. What they might be interested in is you.

It's been said that if you pick up a ringing telephone and the you hear (in this exact order) 1. First Name 2. Last Name and 3. Where they are calling from...what follows is not going to be good. It's the police or possibly a lawyer or maybe even a staff member from the local hospital. Worst case scenario, however, it's some "account executive" interrupting you with a pitch.

If that's all you got or your enlightened boss/company demands you do that all day long, Starbucks has health bennies, it's climate-controlled and it smells just lovely in there.

If you don't consider yourself creative but you feel strongly you have something to say or that may interest someone, find someone who is able to create a crack in that door. And don't worry about the humor-impaired or who may find your approach "unprofessional". You don't need to be Chris Rock but you do need to be yourself because that's what they may be interested in.
They're not interested in leading edge, bleeeding edge, out-of-the-box, blah, blah, blah blather.