Friday, October 31, 2014

Recruiters vs. HR: The Battle of Incompetence

Have learned a lot as a Recruiter these past couple of years. I know I've legitimately helped some people, I've been able to earn a living. But, oh boy..the things that I've seen

Important Distinction: A Recruiter contacts employed people who don’t have their formal resume online. People who contact other people who have their full resume online ARE NOT Recruiters. They work in what is called Staffing. And there’s a huge difference. For this piece- and for simplicity- we’re going to lump them together.

Because anyone can do it, well, anyone can and will do it. Pretty much everyone who gets into it fails.

I can’t escape it’s a destination spot for many who are borderline unemployable or can't seem to stick anywhere.. Similar to Real Estate Agents. It's also true there are also many wildly successful Recruiters and Realtors who could be successful doing many different things however a certain and uncomfortable percentage of both would have a tough go finding work ANYWHERE.

(And these are the folks who are going to ADVISE YOU about your career. How’s that for irony?)

People who are good at it have to pay for the sins of the endless supply of hacks who market their services to the same people they want to work with. There’s an argument this makes it easier for good recruiters- truth is that you’ll be presumed a no-talent pest by the working professionals you contact until you prove otherwise.

99.99% of the people who get into it hope to be successful by doing as little work as possible. In our current Information/Internet age, they hope that software and websites can do all the work.

The ones who are forced to actually call people are given a horrific script to read full of lies.
These poor souls would be better off asking the rare person who actually picks up their phone only two questions:

1.) Are you looking for a new job?
2.) Can you send me an updated resume?

That broken clock on your DVD Player is right twice a day. Ask these two questions enough and you might stumble into something. Instead, the working professional hears about many amazing opportunities that don’t exist and will ask you for personal and professional information that their crook employer may find useful.

Sound cynical? Truth is often unpleasant.

Now, there’s also an additional special breed of Employment Professionals out there who differ a bit from the lot described above.

They usually have plenty of formal education, they might even have a Graduate Degree. Many of them work for reputable or at least recognizable companies. But this is where the differences end in terms of being able to attract talented workers or advise them. They’re called Human Resource Professionals. If you’re looking for the best and the brightest any Any Company USA, they won’t be working in this Department. For every one (1) talented and helpful Employment HR pros you'll find WAY too many who care only about protecting their own jobs and covering their asses.

Recruiters and HR people typically are mortal enemies- it’s hilarious. Sadly, the casualties of their senseless war is not each other but skilled workers who just need a little guidance finding that hiring manager who needs them.