Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Inconvenient Truth

Neither Al Gore nor Gore Vidal would recognize the New Green Movement.

The mantra of the New Green Movement is "Uh...how much GREEN is this going to set me back?"

For the vast majority of people, it's only when we feel completely safe and secure that we take action and help others or, in GoreSpeak, save the planet. That's sounds like a slightly dark view of human nature. Unfortunately, it's an inconvenient truth.

The majority of Americans aren't feeling so ducky about tomorrow, educating Junior or Madison/Emma* or the 10 day forecast on what their retirement is looking like. So when the "Green" alternative costs more green, Jane Q. Public tends to stomp her Carbon Footprint.

(* Federal Law requires all female babies born after 1999 to be named Madison or Emma).

Some might think it's different when the buyer is a corporate purchasing agent or a manager considering buying some capital equipment. Hardly. If you need your job and part of your job is to buy stuff, the margin for error for screw-ups of any sort has been reduced exponentially.

You know that old sales maxim you used to hear from mostly senior salesreps...the one that sounded like: "I don't work hard, I work smart". You might want to do both there, Chucky.