Saturday, January 26, 2008

Telemarketing-The Horror

Business to business telemarketing.

I won't be commenting on the human tragedy that is somebody calling your home, reading from a script and (without stopping for a breath) telling you of the mind-blowing benefits of some twisted upgrade to your high interest credit card. Please stop talking for just a moment so I can buy an eighteen-wheeler full of whatever it is your selling...seriously...I'm listening!'re good..your're damn good....I'm in!

No, that industry has its own place and its own table reserved for it in a place where it is quite warm and it isn't a dry heat.

I'm speaking of some schlep calling some manager of some business telling them about their solution. (is everyone in the freakin' solutions business?..can we rid ourselves of that word in business. It's exhausted).

Telemarketing, telesales, Telly Savalas, courtesy it what you will-complete waste of oxygen. If in the effort to market your product or service you decide this is a swell idea, please take a nap, wake up refreshed and cross your fingers that a creative inkling will come.

So for all of you Inside Sales Managers, all jacked up with testosterone and fresh from your 26th viewing of Boiler Room , reciting passages from Glengarry, admiring your poster of Vince Lombardi or the hanging framed poster with the definition of the word Success..ready to lay into your reps because they couldn't close a door, step outside of that Corporate Park block of concrete you call work...step outside and start walking. Keep walking until you figure out how to create something.

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