Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Open Position- POTUS.

Politicians running for national office- takes a special type. "Special" in the sense they have a layer of ooze that covers them to a depth of about about 18 inches. Ted Cruz's face I find exponentially more frightening than a rattle snake on the bedside pillow next to me- and that's before he opens his mouth.

The Trumpster seems like a swell fellow. Wow. The monitoring extraterrestrials from Andromeda are enjoying this particular performance more than Celebrity Apprentice.

"Feel The Bern" Bernie has a great plan that would end in every true innovator and creator this nation and economy has produced finding another country to live in that won't take their earnings and drop the cash from helicopters.

"Going to fight for you!...fight, fight, fight!" "Going to make America great again!,..right after I take care of all of the Special Interests groups that got me elected" shouts Hillary. The election would have been CANCELED and her GIVEN the nomination 2 years ago if not for the fact she has more buried skeletons than Arlington National Cemetery.

I digress.

The default "are you better off than you were 4 years ago"- we don't hear that question in this election because of a lame duck sitting president. It's a good question, though. The better question for people who've been in the workforce for many years is: Are you better off than you were at an earlier stage in your career?

Most people would answer no.

Worth mentioning, many if not most of these same people answering "no" enjoy a standard of living that exceeds virtually everyone, dead or alive, who ever took a breath on this planet.  Some would say they were dealt a GREAT hand. But they have less than they used to...and they are pissed.

They shouldn't have less- most should live more comfortably than they did earlier in their life. Part of this is being a victim of circumstance (automation, globalization etc..). But part is also due to a very human trait- one of the nastiest: insatiable greed. The amended Golden Rule says "One who has the gold makes the rules". I could write a hundred pages on this but it's a lousy use of time. I'm not in favor of Bernie's Helicopter Plan for the economy but he's right that the system is utterly filthy.

There's still time to run , kiddoes!. I don't mean for POTUS, I mean Run for the Hills Have Eyes Part II- a film so frightening that Ted Cruz seems like Barney the Dinosaur in comparison. I'm sorry, I have that backwards.

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