Thursday, July 19, 2012

300-500 words

Been awhile since I plucked away at the keyboard.

Could use the standard "been busy" but that's horsebleep. If you want something done, assign it to a busy person I was told many moons ago.

I haven't wrote because it's not urgent that I do so and pounding out 300-500 words is hard work. I've been paid to write before; it was no less easy then.

People waste absurd amounts of energy wondering why people do what they do. I've always felt the same way on this subject. We are who we are- that's why. That's why one person builds a suspension bridge while another is draining a case of beer and wondering why life is so "unfair".

Of course it's unfair except don't ask the guy who's tripping over his "empties". Ask the mother in Somalia who's seen more hunger and horror in a week than you'll ever know in five lifetimes. Ask her about it. She's likely to tell you things are bound to get better while Drunky the Clown will blame bankers and politicians.

If a guy who repeatedly takes shortcuts in his work tells you how hard "he used to work", he's about as credible as a late-night infomercial selling no-money-down real estate investing. (Speaking of bankers...go tell a retail banker about your plans for investment properties without using a dime of your money. He'll think you're a funny guy. Then two armed security people will help you find your way out).

Hard work will set you free. Unfortunatley, it was Karl Marx who coined that phrase but it's the ultimate truism. I wish it was Lincoln who said it but it doesn't matter because, according to some other famous deceased person- well done is better than well said.

For the record, the last word on this post was word #299. I need to get on the shortcuts.

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