Friday, January 27, 2012

Free beer with that?

We've all heard the stat that says something like: Of the 6,446,118 restaurants that will open in the US this year, only one will survive...and only because they serve free beer after 5 PM.

Seriously, first-year restaurant failure numbers are frightening.

The rest of the private sector start-up small and medium size business (SMB)numbers aren't a helluva lot better.

After obligatory niceties, I've asked plenty of new SMB entrepreneurs about to tip their toes into the pool the following question: How to you plan to get customers? Their answers range typically from "it's in marketing section of my business plan" to "what do you mean?".

People you know who run a business, have employees and have run the company for some time- these are folks with some serious intestinal fortitude. People who you know who have spent their career working for others but CONSTANTLY complain and tell others their plans to start their own business...they are intestinal parasites.

Hail, hail the small business owner.

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