Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't Do it

I've advised more than a few people on why it's a very bad idea to start a cold call with your name and the company you're calling from.


In every instance, if you pick up a ringing telephone and the caller IMMEDIATELY tells you their name and where they're calling you from, what follows will not be good. The call is coming from:

1.) A hospital
2.) A cop
3.) A lawyer
4.) The IRS
5.) A bearer of other bad news

9 times out of 10,it's a salesperson. And you want NO PART of that call. Let me tell you something...neither do your busy prospects...but you CONTINUE to telemarket this way. The horror.

But you say: "It's company policy!!" or "We'll lose branding or name recognition if we don't say our Company Name!" or " It's the law on a telephone solicitations .." That "branding" one kills me...c'mon, you really believe that?

I say: "Ratfarts...don't do it"

You say: "..well, then, tough guy...what do you say?."

I'll give you this. If you start that call by giving your proverbial name, rank and serial're toast.

What you do say, well, get me in your grill and I'll tell you.

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