Thursday, May 22, 2008

And you are??

College. Bluebook exam. Creative Bone....Explain.

My primary offering is facilitating conversations between senior managers with current specific needs to vendors who can fulfill these requirements. If that sounds like fancy-pants language for "selling" or "appointment setting", I am DEFINITELY not the right service for your organization.

My efforts often become augmented with the collective and collaborative output of half a dozen or so independent business specialists...brought in on an as-needed basis.

I am at arms length to people with Mergers and Acquisitions expertise, some Finance folks, some Operations people, Information Technology pros and an array of sales and marketing types. But I am both the engine and the a little about me.

I'll stick to the not in disputes, for now. Born in 1965, father of one and the youngest of five. I've spent almost of all my life in New England, born raised and reared on Boston's Northshore in Marblehead, Mass. I've lived in New Hampshire's Seacoast in Dover since 2002.

I did my first two years of college at ULowell (now called UMass Lowell), took a semester off to rake leaves professionally then transferred to The Zoo (sometimes called UMass Amherst).

I lived three years on the Redneck Riviera in Pensacola, Florida as a kid in the early eighties and did roughly another three in the early nineties in Raleigh, North Carolina. Was stunned to learn that much of the deep south was unaware that Confederate and Union soldiers were no longer fighting. I'm speaking of the Pensacola area. In fairness to those folks, from a purely geographical standpoint, they were required to travel NORTH to reach the Alabama state line. Many of them didn't get out much. Raleigh was great as were the roughly four natives of Raleigh I met while living there.

I don't see myself leaving New England again. Being separated from the collective regional grouchiness, not to mention five months of icy slush would be just a little more than I could bear.

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